20 January 2011

While I'm here...

I just dropped into the blog to find a post I'd written a while ago, and thought I'd give everyone who reads this a quick update as to what is going on.

My life rocks... I am incredibly happy and have almost everything I could possibly want (except one million dollars). I've built a house with my husbands and my husband's boyfriend so there are 4 of us living together in nice harmony. Our other relationships outside the house are going well.

I will, at some point in the near future, be moving this blog over to my actual domain. I have a blog (on feminism, politics, religion and other stuff) there already. When I move this (and the posts), I'll post an announcement. Hopefully it'll be soon, but that's all dependent on time, energy and not being distracted by shiny things.

I also plan to post on poly authorities (just a quick glimpse - there aren't any), on what poly has taught me over the years, and any other suggestions that people might like me to post on.

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